The Institution of Engineers (India)

The JNNCE Students Chapter Under the banner of IE(I) was started in June 1999 under the able guidance of Dr. D. S. Ramakrishna (As it's Faculty Advisor). Since then this organization has grown in leaps and bounds owing to the commitment of it's ever enthusiastic members and active participation from our highly respected faculty.
We, the members of the Students Chapter are not only interested in the academic excellence of a budding engineer, but in the all round personality development.

Keeping these things in mind, we have arranged for the following extra-curricular events namely:

  • Personality Development Program (Organized in every year).
  • Technical Seminars.
  • TECHZONE - a State Level Technical Symposium (Organized in every year since 2002).
  • Competitive Exams.
  • Community Development.
  • Technical Visit to the industries.
  • Technical Workshop
  • Other Activities like Debate, Essay Writing, Quiz in technical topics.

Presently Dr. Y. J. Suresh (Asst. Prof, Dept of Mechanical Engineering) is the Faculty Advisor of IE(I) Students Chapter.

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Faculties & Students Involved in the club



Faculty Advisor


1 N.P Suneetha Electrical & Electronics Engineering
2 Dr. E Basavaraj Mechanical Engineering
3 Irfan Khan Civil Engineering
4 Dr. P Manjunath Electronics & Communication Engineering
5 Madhusudhan G Telecommunication Engineering
6 Thaseen Bhashith Computer science & Engineering
7 H K Pradeep Information science Engineering


Name of the Convener


1999-2000 Vishwanath Dept of CSE
2000-01 Anand Sharma Dept of CSE
2001-02 Prashant Udupa Dept of CSE
2002-03 Tushar Thampson Dept of EEE
2003-04 Akhilesh Prasad Dept of ME
2004-05 Swetanshu Kumar Sinha Dept of ME
2009-10 Adil M J Dept of ME
2009-10 Aniruddha Bharadvaj Dept. of EEE
2010-11 Praveen D Jadhav Dept of ME
2010-11 Madhu C Dept. of EC
2011-12 Mahaveer Jain Dept. of ME
2011-12 Nikitha Jain Dept. of CSE
2011-12 Samanth H C Dept. of ME
2012-13 Anand S L Dept. of ME
2012-13 Anusha B Dept. of EEE
2012-13 Vivekanand B C Dept. of CSE
2013-14 Sumukha P Dept. of ME
2013-14 Ramya S Dept. of EEE
2014-15 Karthik Kumar S Dept. of CSE
2014-15 Dhenuka Sharma Dept. of TCE
2015-16 Bharath C Pawar Dept. of ME
2015-16 Sherin Akshatha Bangera Dept. of ME
2016-17 Nandeesh S R Dept. of EEE
2016-17 Pragna S Rao Dept. of CSE

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