Project Topics

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Vineetha R(4JN21AI061)Varsha M V(4JN21AI058)Prarthana T S(4JN21A034)Department Infrastructure ManagementThe Department Infrastructure Management project focuses on optimizing and enhancing the overall efficiency of our department's physical and technological assets. This initiative includes strategic planning, maintenance, and upgrades to ensure a seamless and productive work environment. By systematically managing resources, we aim to improve workflow, reduce downtime, and support the department's long-term growth and sustainability.erd/4JN21AI061.pngrels/4JN21AI061.png
Himani M R(4JN21AI019)Kshama Jois U S(4JN21AI024)Anusha P Kanale(4JN21AI007)Student Certification Courses and Internship TrackerThe "Student Internships and Courses Tracker" is a comprehensive DBMS mini project designed to streamline the management of student data. This system efficiently captures and organizes information about student internships and courses, providing a centralized database for easy retrieval. It offers a user-friendly interface for administrators to input and update student records. The tracker enhances academic and professional planning by enabling users to analyze students' internship experiences and course progress. With robust data management features, it ensures data integrity and security. The project emphasizes efficiency in tracking students' academic and professional growth, contributing to a more streamlined educational process.erd/4JN21AI024.pngrels/4JN21AI024.png
Apoorva D(4JN21AI009)Ananya Indudhar(4JN21AI006)K M Sujan(4JN21AI022)Department Activity Management
Rachana R(4JN21AI039)H M satvik(4JN21AI017)Amruthavani H V(4JN21AI004)Study Materials Managementerd/4JN21AI039.pngrels/4JN21AI039.png
Pramath Bhat(4JN21AI033)Navaneeth Munavalli(4JN21AI029)N Praveen Kumar(4JN21AI028)Department Library ManagementThe Department Library Management System in a DBMS is a comprehensive solution that automates and enhances various aspects of library operations. It centralizes the management of library resources, assigning each a unique identifier and categorized details. It manages user profiles and defines access levels for different roles. The system facilitates the borrowing and returning of items, automates overdue notifications, and updates the database accordingly. Users can search for books using various criteria, reserve books, and renew their borrowing period based on library policies. The system generates reports aiding in decision-making and trend identification. It ensures data security through authentication mechanisms and schedules regular backups to prevent data loss. The user-friendly interface promotes ease of use and efficient navigation. Overall, it optimizes library processes, enhances user experience, and provides valuable insights for administrators.erd/4JN21AI028.pngrels/4JN21AI028.pnguc/4JN21AI028.png
HITHESH K(4JN21AI020)ABHISHEK BADIGER(4JN21AI001)DESHMANTH A(4JN21AI015)Department Budget TrackerThe Department Budget Tracker under the Database Management System (DBMS) project serves as a comprehensive tool designed to efficiently manage and monitor financial allocations within a department. This system enables the organization to track budgetary details, expenses, and revenue streams, ensuring transparency and accountability. Through user-friendly interfaces, staff members can easily input and access budget information, facilitating real-time updates. The Department Budget Tracker not only streamlines financial processes but also enhances decision-making by providing accurate and up-to-date insights into the department's fiscal health. This project aims to contribute to effective budget management and promote financial responsibility within the organization.erd/4JN21AI020.jpgrels/4JN21AI020.jpg
KRUTHI JK(4JN21AI021)ANANYA A(4JN21AI005)BRINDA P(4JN21AI0131)Student CounsellingA Student Counseling System is designed to facilitate effective communication and support between students and counselors. It typically includes features like appointment scheduling, student profile management, counseling session tracking, and a secure database for confidential information. This system aims to enhance the overall counseling process by providing a centralized platform for managing student-related counseling activities and fostering a supportive environment for academic and personal development. Implementing a Student Counseling System can contribute significantly to the overall well-being of students and improve the efficiency of counseling services within educational institutions.erd/4JN21AI021.pngrels/4JN21AI021.png
Ayesha Siddiqa(4JN21AI011)Lavanya S(4JN21AI026)Syeda Hurrain Fathima(4JN21AI053)Leave ManagementEmployee Leave Management is a crucial aspect of workforce administration, encompassing the organized handling of employee time off. It involves a streamlined process for requesting leaves, obtaining managerial approvals, and maintaining precise leave balances. Through automated systems, it ensures accuracy in tracking absences, contributing to effective workforce planning. This system aids in creating a transparent and standardized leave policy, promoting fairness and employee satisfaction. Leave management tools often integrate with payroll systems, reducing administrative burdens. By tracking various types of leave, such as vacation, sick leave, or personal days, organizations can better plan for resource allocation. Effective leave management enhances overall productivity by minimizing disruptions and facilitating a smoother workflow during employee absences. It also supports compliance with labor laws and company policies, promoting a harmonious work environment.erd/4JN21AI011.pngrels/4JN21AI011.png
Arqam Zakriya(4JN21AI010)Likhith G(4JN21AI027)Prabhav D P(4JN21AI031)Assignments ManagementIt is a system designed to efficiently handle student assignments within a course. The key entities involved are students, courses, assignments, and faculty. The system would likely allow faculty members to assign tasks, students to submit their work, and facilitate grading and feedback processes. It aims to streamline the assignment lifecycle and enhance communication between students and faculty.erd/4JN21AI031.jpgrels/4JN21AI031.jpg
Aiman Parker(4JN21AI002)Vijay n.u(4JN21AI060)Tejas d.n(4JN21AI056)Question Bank Management
Puneeth A S(4JN21AI038)Sathwik P(4JN21AI043)Yogeshwari M(4JN21AI063)Service/Repair Management
Sonali g dubashi(4JN21AI049)Shanavi V(4JN21AI045)Shreya M K(4JN21AI047)Lab Pedagogy ManagementThe "Enhancing Lab Pedagogy through Database Management" project focuses on transforming the traditional laboratory learning experience by incorporating advanced database management principles. The initiative aims to optimize resource allocation, improve student engagement, and elevate overall efficiency in laboratory settings. Ultimately, this project seeks to revolutionize laboratory education by leveraging advanced database technologies, providing a dynamic and technologically enriched learning environment for both students and instructors.erd/4JN21AI045.pngrels/4JN21AI045.pnguc/4JN21AI045.png
Srinivas S S(4JN22AI403)Syed Bashar Ahmed(4JN22AI404)Yashavantha H S(4JN22AI405)Departmental Meeting Management
Sofiya sarah(4JN21AI048)Varsha A S(4JN21AI057)Tanisha G Hosur(4JN21AI054)Learning Management SystemsThe project envisions a revolutionary Learning Management System (LMS) focused on seamless interaction and streamlined education. Students navigate a dynamic landscape of engaging courses and customized assignments, while instructors enjoy an efficient platform for managing content and tracking progress. Enrollment fosters a flexible one-to-many relationship, allowing students to explore diverse knowledge paths and instructors to reach broader audiences. Assignments remain at the heart of the system, tightly interlinked with learning modules for clear organization and purpose. This mandatory connection ensures assignments serve specific learning goals, enriching the educational experience. Furthermore, the system mandates variety within learning modules, requiring them to encompass diverse learning types. This ensures students encounter a rich tapestry of learning methods, catering to individual needs and preferences. The project's architecture prioritizes adaptability and scalability, ensuring the LMS can accommodate the ever-evolving needs of instructors and students. User-friendly interactions pave the way for collaborative learning and effective knowledge transfer. Ultimately, this innovative LMS aims to revolutionize the educational landscape by empowering both educators and learners to thrive in a vibrant, efficient learning environment.
Pratham K Gujjar(4JN21AI036)Nithin Kumar SN(4JN21AI030)Haris Hussain Khan HS(4JN21AI018)Department Feedback SystemThe Student Feedback System, an integral component of the Database Management System (DBMS) project, is a robust tool designed to systematically collect and analyze student perspectives on teaching quality, course content, and overall learning experiences. This system empowers educational institutions to enhance communication and responsiveness. Through user-friendly interfaces, students effortlessly submit feedback, while administrators gain valuable insights through advanced analytics. The Student Feedback System not only streamlines feedback processes but also contributes to informed decision-making, fostering continuous improvement in academic offerings. This project seeks to elevate educational quality by prioritizing and incorporating student voices.erd/4JN21AI036.jpgrels/4JN21AI036.jpg
SRUJAN Y S(4JN21AI050)VEERENDRA K BELMAR(4JN21AI059)SANJANA M(4JN21AI042)MCQ Management SystemA Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Management System is a software platform designed to facilitate the creation, organization, and administration of multiple-choice questions for various purposes, such as exams, quizzes, or surveys. This system provides a centralized environment for users, typically educators or administrators, to efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of MCQ-based assessments.erd/4JN21AI050.pngrels/4JN21AI050.png
Anil Kumar(4JN22AI400)Aishwarya T(4JN21AI003)Hemanth S(4JN22AI401)Outward Letter Management SystemAn Outward Letter Management System is a software solution designed to efficiently handle outgoing correspondence within an organization. It typically includes features such as document creation, tracking, and delivery management. This system helps streamline communication processes, enhance document security, and maintain a centralized record of outbound letters, contributing to improved organizational efficiency and compliance.erd/4JN21AI003.jpgrels/4JN21AI003.jpg
Pratham Francies(4JN21AI035)Prajwal M U(4JN21AI032)Internal Assessment Managementerd/4JN21AI035.jpegrels/4JN21AI035.jpeg