Voice of Customers - Enterprenurship Journey

On 03-03-2023, the department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning arranged an expert talk by Mr.Koushik Udupa the Co-founder of Ekathva Innovations and our proud alumni. He gave an hour talk about the topic "Voice of customers Entrepreneurship Journey", he said about his journey and how he started and gave a brief to all the students on how they've to involve themselves. Ekathva Innovations is about modern agriculture and how technology is used by all farmers. He also explained the Statics of a startup company along with that he guided on how a team should build up with ideas and most importantly customer feedback. At last, an open discussion was made with the students to get some more clarity on entrepreneurship.

Industry Expectation from AI and ML Engineering Students

On 21st January 2023, Mr. Sandeep Sudheendra, CIO of Graphene AI gave an expert talk about the industry requirements from the students. The main key point that highlighted the talk was that being specified in the AI only is like restricting our potential. Rather the students must be aware of all the other technologies like full stack developments, database management system, etc. Further a brief narration was given about how to stay updated in the industry and how Graphene AI uses netizens' data to tackle emerging trends.

Professional Networking and Professional Coding

An expert talk on “Professional Networking using LinkedIn and Professional coding” using Hacker Rank platform was conducted on 10-01-2023. JNNCE Email IDs were created for all students and students were informed to create a LinkedIn account using it. Further a hacker rank programming contest was hosted.

Future Ready Starts now!!

On 20th of December 2022, Mr Deepak Venkatesh who is a Principal Consultant in Infosys, Melbourne, Australia was invited to deliver a talk on topic ' Future Ready Starts Now '. He gave a speech regarding to carrier development of a Student in fields of IT specifically on how AI could be implemented on IT sectors. He also spoke about how IT companies try to fetch students of engineering and also provided some tips to make ease of interviews.

Medical Image Analysis

On 17th of December 2022 , she delivered a speech on “Medical Image Analysis: A healthcare industry perspective”. Her primary research interest is in developing applications and tools using image processing and deep learning techniques for the early detection & classification of Systemic diseases and various ophthalmic diseases like glaucoma, Diabetic retinopathy, Macular edema, and Agerelated macular degeneration.