The department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering in one among the core branches of engineering which is established in the year 1980 in order to cater undergraduate course in engineering with intake is sixty students at present. All the teaching faculties are master's degree holders with sufficient years of teaching experience. The department has well established laboratories and computational facilities to cater the needs of students. The department has been accredited twice by the NBA and process is on to renew it. Under VTU the department has established post graduate course in Power Electronics (M.Tech) with an intake of eighteen during 2014.

The department undertakes consultancy work for public and private utilities and energy audit for industries. The department in addition to regular academic works conducts technical activities to students, industrial visits for enhancing the knowledge of students and competitions in the core area. The departmental library also caters the needs of students in addition to main library facilities provided by the institution. Most of the alumni's are working in reputed industries and establishments. Many of the students have brought laurels to the department at state level competitions. Most of the eligible final year students have got placements in campus recruitments. The vision of the department is to undertake active role in overall development of the students and to prepare students with quality and technical level as desired by industries in the ever changing world..

Teaching Faculty

1 Dr. S. Surendra B.E (E&E) M.Tech.(Ind Ele), Ph.D.(Power System Indian Institute of Science) Prof./Head 25 surendra_s@jnnce.ac.in
2 Dr. Thejaswi. A. H B.E (E&E) M.Tech (Lighting Science & Engg.), Ph.D. Power Quality ( JNTU Hyderabad) Prof. 21 ahthejaswi@jnnce.ac.in
3 Dr. H. B. Suresh B.E (E&E) M E. (Ener Sys Engg), Ph.D. Energy Systems ( JNTU Hyderabad) Prof. 23 hbs_ee@jnnce.ac.in
4 D. S. Prakash Wodeyar B.E, M.Tech, Industrial Electronics (Mysore University) Asso. Prof. 32
5 N. P. Suneetha B.E (E&P) M.E.Control Systems (Bharathiyar University), Ph.D. Asso. Prof. 31 sony_ee@jnnce.ac.in
6 Shailashree. K B.E (L S & E), M.Tech Lighting Science & Engg. (Mangalore University), Ph.D. Asso. Prof. 27 ssk_ee@jnnce.ac.in
7 Ajjanna. N. G B.E (E&E), M.Tech. Energy Systems Engg. (VTU Belagavi) Asst. Prof. 17 nga_ee@jnnce.ac.in
8 Maheshwarappa.H. M B.E (E&E), M.Tech, Energy Systems Engg. (VTU Belagavi) Asst. Prof. 17 mahesheed@jnnce.ac.in
9 Soumya. K. T B.E. (E & E), M.Tech Computer Science and Engg. (VTU Belagavi) Asst. Prof. 12 soumya_kt@jnnce.ac.in
10 Vinayaka. K B.E(TCE), M.Tech, CAID (VTU Belagavi) ) Asst. Prof. 10 vinayaka_k@jnnce.ac.in
11 Veeresha. K. B B.E (E&E), M.Tech Digital Electronics. (VTU Belagavi), Ph.D. Asst. Prof. 11 veereshakb@jnnce.ac.in
12 Supritha. M. R B.E (E&E), M.Tech VLSI Design & Embedded Systems. (VTU Belagavi) Asst. Prof. 12 vsm_ee@jnnce.ac.in
13 Manjula. M. G B.E (E&E), M.Tech Computer Science & Engg. (Kuvempu University) Asst. Prof. 10 manju_mg@jnnce.ac.in
14 Vidyashankar. M B.E (E&E), M.Tech. Power Electronics. (VTU Belagavi) Asst. Prof. 3 vsm_ee@jnnce.ac.in
15 Padmashree. H. R B.E (E&E), M.Tech. Power Electronics. (VTU Belagavi) Asst. Prof. 0.7 -

Techincal Staff

1 Chandrashekar. S Foreman (Sel. Grade) D.E.E. 31
2 Keshawamurthy. S Instructor (Sr. Scale) D.E.W.S. 34
3 Ramesh. G. A. Instructor I.T.I 31.5
4 Shambulinga. S. J. Instructor (Jr. Scale) D.E & C.E 11
5 Srikanth. P. R Asst. Instructor J.O.C 23
6 Vinay Verma. S. K Technical Helper I.T.I 3

Lab Details

Lab Name Equipment Details
Electrical Machines AC & DC Machines, 1-Φ& 3-Φ transformers, Loading Rheostats, Measuring instruments, Tachometers etc.
Electrical Circuits and Measurement Lab DC and AC Bridges, Analog & digital meters, Energy meter, Megger etc.
Relay and High Voltage Oil test kit, HV break down system, Impulse generator, Protective relays
Control Systems/ Electronics Lab Lead Lag network, PID controller, DC & AC servo motors etc. PLC trainer, Digital Logic Trainer kits, CRO, AFO etc.
Power Electronics/LIC Chopper, Converter, Inverter (1-Φ), Firing circuits, Commutation circuits CRO, DSO & shunts etc.
Computer Centre / PSS / µC / CAED Desktop Systems, µC trainer Kits, Interfacing units, CAD software, KIEL software
Research Centre Systems, PSCAD/ETAP software, IBM server and systems
M. Tech Computer Centre Computer, Printers and Scanners numbers :
a) Desktop Systems: As per requirement
b) All-in-one printer: 1
c) Laser printers 3
d) Colour printer :1
e) IBM server : 1
f) Laptop: 1

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