This flagship department of the college, set up in 1980, boasts of an accomplished faculty, many of whom are doctorates. Recognized as a research centre by Kuvempu University and Visvesvaraya Technological University. This department facilitates research that leads to Doctoral and M.Sc. (Engg.) degrees and offers M.Tech. Programme in Transportation Engineering and Management.

The department also acts as a nodal centre for World Bank aided projects - Karnataka Nirmala Grama Yojana, Integrated Rural Water Supply and Environment Sanitation Projects. Active programs with Builder Association of India and Visvesvaraya Technological University provide a forum for engineers in Government organizations which expose them to contemporary education programmes. Department has got sophisticated softwares such as ARCHI - CAD, AutoCAD, Road Estimator, Super Civil, 3D Studio Max, Revit Architecture, MX Roads etc.

The department has state-of-the-art laboratories with every facility to make learning informative and enjoyable. The faculties frequently publish technical papers at national / international conferences. By providing design and consultancy services to both private and government organizations, the Civil Engineering department generates additional revenue that is used to pursue developmental projects.

Teaching Faculty

1 Dr. Rajendra Khatavkar B.E (Civil) M.Tech (Transportation Engg.) Ph.D. (Traffic Engineering) Prof./Head 33
2 Dr. C. G. Hemamalini B.E (Civil), M. E (Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering), Ph.D. (Water Resources and Environmental Engineering) Prof. 20
3 Dr. Karthik. B. S B.E. (Civil) M.Tech (Remote sensing and Geographical Information System) Ph.D.(Soft Computing in Civil Engineering.) Associate Prof. 9
4 Srinivasa Pandit. A. N B.E (CIVIL) M.E.(Water Resources) Asst. Prof. 16
5 Shashikumar M Hiremath B.E (ENV.ENGG) M.Tech (Environmental Engineering) Asst. Prof. 12
6 Umapathi B.E. (Civil) M.I.T. , M.E. (Highway Engg.) Asst. Prof. 16
7 Rabinandan. J B.E. (Civil) M.Tech (Remote sensing and geographical information system) Asst. Prof. 7
8 Irfan Khan B.E. (Civil) M.Tech (Hydraulic and water resources Engg.) Asst. Prof. 7
9 Raghuram K Chinnabandar B.E. (Civil) M.E. (Highway Engg.) Asst. Prof. 7
10 Sabareshwaran. S B.E. (Civil) M.Tech (Structural Engg) Asst. Prof. 6
11 Dattatreya S Bhasari B.E. (Civil) M.Tech (Structural Engg) Asst. Prof. 5
12 Mohamed Ibrahim N B.E. (Civil) M.Tech(Industrial Stuctures) (Ph.D.) Asst. Prof. 5
13 Adarsha. S. R B.E. (Civil) M.Tech (Construction Technology) Asst. Prof. 4
14 Anand. B B.E. (Civil) M.Tech( Structural Engg.) Asst. Prof. 5
15 Bindiya. K B.E. (Civil) M.Tech(Geo Tech. Engg.) Asst. Prof. 4
16 Akshatha. M B.E. (Civil) M.Tech(Highway Technology) Asst. Prof. 4
17 Chaya. D. Y B.E. (Civil) M.Tech(Water Resources Engineering and management.) Asst. Prof. 4
18 Srinivasa. V B.E. (Civil) M.Tech(Geo Tech. Engg.) Asst. Prof. 6
19 Sagar. H B.E. (Civil) M.Tech(Industrial Structure) Asst. Prof. 3
20 Arun. V B.E. (Civil) M.Tech (Transportation Engineering & Management) Asst. Prof. 3
21 Anirudh. N B.E. (Civil) M.Tech (Transportation Engineering & Management) Asst. Prof. 4
22 Bhuvan Kumar. V. S B.E. (Civil) M.Tech (Construction Engineering & Management) Asst. Prof. 3
23 Kanchana. H. J B.E. (Civil) M.Tech(Hydraulics Engineering) Asst. Prof. 3
24 Neeraj. S. N B.E. (Civil) M.Tech(Transportation Engineering & Management) Asst. Prof. 4
25 Ganesh Prasanna. S B.E. (Civil) - Asst. Prof. - -

Techincal Staff

1 Ravishankar. G. H. Foreman (Sl. Gr.)
2 Venkatesh. M. R. Foreman (Sl. Gr.)
3 Thimmegowda. M. Instructor (Sr. Sc.)
4 Megharaja. K. R. Instructor (Sr. Sc.) (Maint.)
5 Ganesh. N. Instructor
5 Nagaraj. Mechanic

Supporting Staff

1 Manjunatha. N. Attender (Sr. Sc.)
2 Umesh. M Helper
3 Sunil G. D Technical Helper
4 Reghavendra. S Mechanic
5 Avinash Jain. M Lab Assistant

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