1 National P. U. College (High School Section) Shimoga. 1946
2 Kasturba Girls College (High School Section) Shimoga. 1954
3 National Higher Primary School, Shimoga. 1956
4 National P. U. College (High School Section) Konandur. 1960
5 National P. U. College (High School Section) B.R.Project. 1962
6 Jayaprakash Narayan P. U. College (High School Section) Shimoga. 1963
7 National College of Education, Shimoga. - View 1963
8 National High School, Kumsi. 1964
9 National High School, Chilur. 1964
10 Sri Thirthalingeshwara National High School, Belagutti. 1964
11 Sri Padmamba High School, Humcha. 1964
12 Kamala Nehru Memorial National College for Women's, Shimoga. - View 1965
13 Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce, Shimoga. 1966
14 C. B. R. National College of Law, Shimoga. 1966
15 National College of Pharmacy, (D.Pharm), Shimoga. - View 1967
16 Sharavathi National High School, Harige. 1969
17 Sharadadevi Girls High School, Shimoga. 1970
18 National P. U. College, Shimoga. 1972
19 Kasturba Girls P. U. College, Shimoga. 1972
20 National P. U. College, Konandur. 1972
21 Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering, Shimoga. 1980
22 National P. U. College, B.R.Project. 1983
23 Sharavathi First Grade College, Konandur. 1983
24 National Lower Primary School, Shimoga. 1983
25 Indian High School, Shimoga. 1983
26 Jayaprakash Narayan P. U. College, Shimoga. 1984
27 National College of Pharmacy (B.Pharm), Shimoga View 1985
28 S. R. N. Memorial National College of Applied Sciences, Shimoga. - View 1991
29 Sri. Thirthalingeshwara National P.U.College, Belagutti. 1994
30 Girimaji Rajgopal National Institute of Computer Science, Shimoga. - View 1964
31 Girimaji Rajgopal National Institute of Management, Shimoga. - View 1996
32 National Independent P.U. Science Residential College, Konandur. 2000
33 National Residential School, Konandur. 2000
34 National College of Pharmacy (M.Pharm), Shimoga. - View 2003
35 General Kariyappa Rastriya Daihika Shikshana Mahavidyalaya, Shimoga. 2007
36 Kadidal Manjappa National D.Ed College, Konandur. 2007
37 D. S. Dinkar National Polytechnic, Shimoga. 2008
38 National Public School, (CBSE), Shimoga. 2008
39 National I.T.I. College, Kumsi. 2008
40 NES Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimoga. 2009
41 National Pre-Primary School, Shimoga. 2011

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Library and Information Center

One of the best places in our campus that we can boast of is our Library..

Hi-Tech Auditorium

The college has well furnished A/C Auditorium, which is equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual..

Modern Class Rooms

JNNCE has well furnished lecture hall equipped with audiovisual equipment like Smartboards, Projectors etc,.

Hostel and Transport

Hostels are a home away from home. We at JNNCE provide you a decent stay and the best possible learning environment.

Well Equipped Lab/Workshops

Well equipped spacious laboratories in all the departments so that student can perform development

Sports and Cafeteria

JNNCE recognizes the importance of sports and recreation for the overall development of student's personality.